Aimed at children that love to laugh and read and love stories with good endings!

Three hilarious, thrilling and super-silly stories to delight and entertain.



Lord and Lady Layabout were lazy layabouts. They over-worked and underpaid their bedraggled butler, so he fled with their fortune. But would would become of them when the tax man came to collect?



Olly Wallygood was a brilliant baker. The Queen was looking for a special dish to cheer her up. Would Ollie rise to the challenge and whip up something wonderful or, would his flans flop?



Vince Valentine was a champion dancer until his partner waltzed off to Watford. Now, a miserable old man, his new home, Heavenly Heights is anything but. Can Vince rescue the residents? And tango with Tallulah once more?


Kelly Schuknecht Book Blogger & Reviewer writes,

"Twisty Tales volume 2 is a fun book for young readers. These cute tales will keep reders engaged from beginning to end!


125 pages of perfectly delightfully, deceitful twisty tales.

Twisty Tales Volume 2

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