Aimed at children that love to laugh and read and love stories with good endings!



'It was doilies at dawn when rival cook, Betty Bakewell came to town and Dinner Lady Doris set out to reclaim her titles as the best cook...ever! It was cake-off's, bake-offs, and flan-flinging fun all around.



He was jolly by name but not by nature. And Mr Jolly liked nothing more than dishing out detention slips. But when his mother, Mrs Jolly senior came to stay, it was Mr Jolly that would be going back to school, to learn a lesson...or three!



Being bored was not bad. But being bored and behaving badly, was! And Brian Windypants was both. So, when he went on a mischeif-making mission, causing chaos and confusion, he had no idea that the tables were about to be turned on him!


Julie Wassmer, author of The Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, now a T.V. production writes;


'F.J. Beerling and V.A. Bryce have a real talent for creating memorable characters and imaginative plots. Readers will not be disappointed with this entrancing collecting of Twisty Tales - guaranteed to amuse, educate and entertain.'


Over 125 pages of fun, laugh-out-loud page turning twisty tales.

Twisty Tales Volume 1