'A tale of doilies at dawn and flan-flinging fun when newcomer and rival cook, Betty Bakewell comes to town.'


There’s only room in this town for one champion cook and dinner lady and that’s Dinner Lady Doris. So, when newcomer, Betty Bakewell turns up and hangs up her cookie cookers it’s doilies at dawn.


Betty Bakewell has a dark secret and Dinner Lady Doris sets to find out what that secret is and expose her for the cake-baking, recipe-stealing thief and fraudster that she really is.


Under the cover of darkness, she spies on Betty Bakewell and the two of them tiptoe through the town. One is on a mission to steal secret recipes and the other to uncover the truth and expose Betty Bakewell as a fake.


This story is full of flan-flinging fun, second helpings and even gravy-filled plimsolls as the villagers of Saggy Bottom learn the truth; run Betty Bakewell out of town and regain the trust of their beloved  school cook and the best dinner lady ever, Dinner Lady Doris.


Coming soon, Dinner Lady Doris audio book!

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  • Dinner Lady Doris is available to download as an audio book and is read by the author, F.J. Beerling.

    The running time is approximately 28 minutes.

    Happy listening!

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