An epidemic of naughtiness had erupted throughout the village of Windybottom, and 9-year old Brian Windypants was behind it all.


He had let the flappy bats out of the belfry and watched as they flew off with the vicar's wig. He then paid a visit to the local pet shop and set free all the animals before walking off with two big hairy spiders in his pocket.


An avalanche of chaos then ensued throughout the village of Wobblebottom until the villagers had finally had enough of Brian and called a meeting and his mum to come and sort him out.


The result? Laugh our loud toils and troubles for this loveable rogue, whose clever comeuppance could not come quick enough.

Coming soon Bored Brian audio book

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  • Bored Brian is currently available to download as an audio book and is read by the author, F.J. Beerling.

    It has a running time of approximately 

    Happy listening!

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